Choosing a wedding ring

A wedding ring is the most important and unique jewel that a person will receive in his life

This is a ring that will stay with you throughout life (we hope :-)

Therefore, it choice should not be taken lightly

And this is one of the most important parts of planning your wedding

So I'll try here to help you with this important decision


There are many parameters for choosing a wedding ring

Whose goal is to bring a good selection of a ring that will accompany you for Years

It is important to remember that beyond the traditional issue, couples attach great importance to the wedding ring, if only because it is an item of high sentimental value through which they can also express their personal preferences

The Unique ring

Many women, for example, want to dedicate their wedding ring and find creative and original ways to do so - from leaving a place in the ring to inserting a stone or diamond after the marriage ceremony, internal engraving of the couple's names or symbolic sentences that give personal and exciting meaning

Comfort and personalization

It is important to choose a ring that is comfortable and that does not interfere with the natural movement of the finger

Consider the skin tone and shape and length of the fingers to choose a flattering ring


Ring size change

Ring size change is a common occurrence because we all experience external changes in our lives, especially women who experience pregnancies

As a result, many jewelry stores offer a service for narrowing and expanding wedding rings

Make sure that the material used to resize the ring is the same material as the entire ring

In addition, in order for the change to be made in the most appropriate way, it is recommended to do it in the jewelry store where the ring was purchased

Match between engagement and wedding ring

When choosing a wedding ring, it should be measured next to the engagement ring and examined to what extent they fit in with each other

When you want to wear two rings on the same finger it is important to match their height so that one does not exceed the other

Do not give in to passing trends - it is important to remember that the ring must accompany us for many decades, so we must design it to withstand the test of time, rather than changing fashions